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The practicality and practical significance of WiFi interference

perfectjammer | 08 April, 2019 01:42

WIFI jammers effectively disable wireless signals, bluetooth, WIFI. A wireless network works by communicating with its service network via a base station. A WIFI jammer typically prevents the wireless signals from receiving signals from base stations. As a result, the WIFI does not attempt to transmit to a base station, even though it may be within range.

While some drone guns shoot actual ballistics in hopes of damaging any unwelcome aerial visitors, most modern anti-drone guns use wifi jammer frequencies to confuse the incoming UAV. When a drone’s radio signals are interrupted or continuously jammed, the UAV either lands as a precautionary measure or returns back to its origin. Either way, the goal has been accomplished—your drone gun got rid of the intruder.

Whilst evading such cell phone jammer is easily possible and having an autopilot likewise, are they currently built into the available drones in a way that can not be overridden by a jamming system who's manufacture has shall we say a not publicly known arrangement with the drone manufacturer?

Simply pushing lots of CW power into the ether is the most inefficient method of jamming and rarely used because of this. More efficient is a tailored jamming system that is modulated in a way that causes problems in the demodulator of the receiver being jammed, usually by using a high peek pulse power at a critical frequency to the receiver demodulation. Even more efficient is to mess with the stages beyond the receiver such as sending valid modulation that mucks up the computer data processing.

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Can WiFi jammers stop drones?

Stopping drones is difficult. “Technological solutions to detect and disrupt drones are in their infancy,” Rosenstein said, adding that the Justice Department supports regulatory changes that would make it easier to deploy interdiction technology and cellphone jamming.

Phones are attracted to a fake network. It is selective - staff or nearby residents' phones can be put on an unaffected "white list". Success can be quantified - phones, and their owners, can be identified. Illicit phones can be monitored rather than blocked. It is more expensive than blanket signal jammer

There is a little control in the schools in the UK, but only to lock your phone to their WiFi. Only school stuff is allowed to be searched up , sites on educational things and student/teacher email etc. Although if you don’t opt for the school WiFi network when it flashes up on your phone first time you try using your internet there, just ignore it and use your cellular data. Although most kids I know don’t have any most of the time. Hope the are trying to find a way of blocking the waves so kids can’t use their phones during lessons at least, just so distracting for everyone around the idiot who can’t live without social media.



Why school use cell phone jammer?

perfectjammer | 15 June, 2018 05:49

Cell phone signal jammer have become a necessity for schools

A question has been raised in many people's minds: why do schools control the use of the signal-specific barrier during exams? In fact, in recent years, mobile phone signal shielding in exam halls has become one of the security tools in both large and general examinations. Perfectjammer, a well-known maker and developer of cellphone signal shields, said the device maintained discipline in the exam halls.

In some scenarios, the signal is likely to cause unfair events occur, so most of people prefer to directly use test special blockers, this is because in the examination room, some students want to do everything you can to cell phone use is inevitable, and take photos to convey information, under such circumstance, if we really can use blockers, then you will find each other finally results are the same, so that can ensure the test process more complete.

Jamming devices ensure fairness in examinations

During the process of examination, it is worth mentioning that Perfectjammer exam special shielding device includes a lot of ways, the advantages of no matter what type of exam, we should all be absolutely fair, in this process, a lot of people feel no test can do this, at least in the process of examination, inevitable various types of misconduct, as long as we can ensure your gsm jammer used in the examination room, so in the range of the examination room, reduces the examinee violate the basic principles of fair exam phenomenon, Exam - specific shielding allows students to put their true level

It is reported that the interference shielding device will scan to the low frequency and high frequency of the channel at a certain speed during the working process. The scanning speed can cause chaotic interference in the signal received by the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station.

Mobile phones show such phenomena as search network, no signal and no service system. The essence of wifi jammer is to implement electromagnetic interference to wireless network, so that the mobile phone cannot access the network, cannot receive the signal from mobile network, and cannot send out information through the network. During the college entrance examination, the examination site surrounding mobile phone users call quality will also be affected, or there will be no signal, frequent call failure, unable to connect, intermittent, mobile Internet is slow wait for a phenomenon.

Jack, a high school student, said his cell phone was off during school and was used when he came home from school to contact his parents. "There is nothing wrong with installing a signal shield in the classroom, which ensures the normal teaching order." Jack agreed with the school.

Playing mobile phones and games in class will seriously damage education targets. Installing mobile signal shielding devices in the classroom can prevent such behaviors and put education back on track

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Jammer devices are being used in various fields

perfectjammer | 13 January, 2018 06:23

The application of signal jammer in the military

Battlefield gps blocker is becoming common, which can make communications difficult. One iProTxS system can work with as many radios within an ECM system area of operation. The system integrates with narrowband FM and AM VHF and UHF combat radio networks, as well as digital 4-FSK frequency hopping, TETRA and professional mobile radio frequencies.

The jamming problem has been getting worse in recent years. Russian and Chinese forces have deployed increasingly powerful electronic warfare gear in the air, on the ground, and at sea—all aimed at denying the radio frequency, or RF, to the US military.

The Americans are uniquely vulnerable to RF jamming, as many US war-fighting concepts rely on the ability of ground forces, aircraft and warships to exchange information via radio networks.

Advanced jammers provide U.S. aircrews with exposure and training to ensure that the first time they encounter advanced electronic attack capabilities it is not in an actual combat environment. These cell phone jammer capabilities are critical for continued U.S. air superiority, particularly in light of new and evolving electronic warfare threats.

As the drone industry is taking off, some individuals and groups have started using drones for malicious purposes around the globe. Many companies are watching the trend and are trying to get into the counter drone industry. They have introduced all sorts of drone guns, anti-UAS shotgun shells, attack birds, net cannons, lasers, missiles, radio drone jammer, radio spoofers, etc.

However, LIDAR jammers fall under FDA jurisdiction and they have no prohibitions on the infrared LEDs or LASERs for consumer use. This means speed countermeasure companies are free to produce LASER jammers as they please, and consumers are spending anywhere from $400 to $2,000 to buy these popular items.

The application of gsm jammer in judicial organs

Much can be lost by not at least exploring the viability of a state-run gsm signal jammer initiative aimed solely at inmates. Much might also be gained, for the safety of hundreds upon hundreds within the prisons and, certainly, on the outside.

Governor from 2003 to 2011, Sanford was South Carolina's top politician when one of the state's prison officers was nearly killed in a hit authorities said was orchestrated by an inmate using a cell phone behind bars. In 2010, Sanford stood with Correction Capt. Robert Johnson to call on FCC officials to act on a petition to let the state start a pilot signal jamming program.

Ships use GPS (Global Positioning System) and similar devices that rely on sending and receiving satellite signals, which are vulnerable to wifi jammers device by hackers.Last year, South Korea said hundreds of fishing vessels had returned early to port after their GPS signals were jammed by hackers from North Korea, which denied responsibility.

The former captain said he’d like to see inmates locked down all of the time, but he said he realizes that might not be feasible. The Federal Communications Commission won’t currently allow for signal jamming, so, Johnson is advocating for prisons to use special technology that contains wireless signals coming from the prisons. “It offers an alternative to signal jamming that the prisons can afford and it’s proven to stop cellphones,” he said.

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How did you think use a jammer in shcool?

perfectjammer | 05 January, 2018 07:54

Use or not use a signal jammer in shcool?

A high-school science teacher has received a five-day suspension without pay for using a jammer in his classroom to block students’ cell-phone signals.

I believe you can file a complaint with the FCC and your cell provider. If they do find evidence that a jammer is being used they will get serious fines and someone could potentially get fired. You should do it, you will be a hero.

A Spokane area high school is testing a cell phone jammer to block students from texting and calling. Mt. Spokane High School recently completed a three-day test. Principal John Hook told KHQ-TV the jamming device was turned on during class time and off during passing periods and lunch hours to give students access to parents or to make important calls. The Mead School District is checking to make sure the jammer complies with all laws before putting it into use. School policy requires students to turn off cell phones during class periods.

Why we need use the jammer device?

Some have suggested that the school could be operating a cell jammer, but I think that's pretty unlikely because of how the signal is described to drop off quickly on entering the school- if a jammer was in operation, there should be a more gradual jamming effect, or there would need to be a large number of jammers covering the campus and broadcasting a relatively weak signal.

It would be a simple matter to install a gsm jammer with an operational radius of only so many feet, such that it would encompass the majority of seats in a theater but no more than that. If the theater owner than posted signs at the box office and on the theater doors that cell phone jammers are in use inside the theaters, then people would be on notice that they would either have to get up and go to the lobby to make calls, text people, etc. or they could go find somewhere else to watch the movie if being able to read every single e-mail or take every single call in real time is that important to them.

Though these kids shouldn't have cell phones in class in the first place, there had to be a smarter solution, such a confiscation or suspension program for students with cell phones in class. A Faraday cage system might have been effective as well and would not hold the legal issues. Ultimately the school needs to teach these kids to put their toys away when they are supposed to be working.

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Use jammers are increasingly routine

perfectjammer | 02 January, 2018 05:56

Cellphone jammer active in all fields

The Army’s embattled missile defense network, IBCS, passed a major field test at Yuma Proving Ground in October, contractor Northrop Grumman announced today. In stark contrast to chronic software crashes early on, the command-and-control system accurately tracked everything from drones to helicopters to fighter jets, both Army aircraft and Marine ones. (It’s hit ballistic and cruise missiles in earlier tests). It drew data from Patriot and Sentinel radars that were not designed to work together. And it kept doing this for days all this despite active signal jammer by a live adversary, the kind of challenge Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley fears existing Army networks may not survive in a high-tech conflict with Russia or China.

The prison department has installed two gsm jammer in the Vellore central prison for men to thwart high-risk prisoners from contacting their associates using mobile phones smuggled into the prison.

Deputy inspector general of police of Vellore range, Baskaran said the mobile jammers were installed in the high-risk prisoners' block and the 7th block on the premises of the central prison, at a cost of Rs 1 crore.

Since the gps jammer has an area cover of 50m to 60m, the two blocks would be covered. It will prevent mobile phones from making or receiving calls. It would prevent gangsters and criminals from keeping in touch their associates to carrying out their activities outside.

In order to disrupt the satellite signal, a jammer must be operating within the same beam as the signaling drone, explained Butler. While this was easy when beams span entire continents, it is much more difficult when the jammer must be within the exact 600 miles of the same spot-beam as the drone.

The digital payload essentially allows you to disconnect the up link signal from the down link signal,” Butler explained. So if somebody is jamming the signal, we can just disconnect that jammed signal, find the UAV a new frequency, and reestablish a link, essentially neutralizing the jamming signal...

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Drone corresponding to the new method

perfectjammer | 01 December, 2017 07:10

How to use signal jammer blocker drone

A multi-sensor drone detection system that helps you deal with rogue drones. It uses radar, radio frequency, acoustic, thermal and optical sensor detection and a radio-frequency jamming system. It can be used to detect and defeat enemy drones.

Perfectjammer integrates these layered detection methods with a radio-frequency jamming system (refer to the note at the end for the FCC disclaimer). This integrated detect-and-defeat functionality can be deployed either via a "man in the loop" function or in the automatic mode.

Despite the performance of the venerable ALQ-99 — the legacy standoff jamming pod mounted to the Navy’s EA-18G Growler aerial electronic attack platform — the nature of the threats today are such that the pod needed a substantial upgrade.

The upgrade is so significant, the Navy is awarding the contract in three “bands” that will lead to multiple pods under the “Next-Gen Jammer” (NGJ) development program.

These teams will be equipped with radar to spot drone activities within the vicinity, as well as a cellphone jammer to disable drones and intercept them on the ground. The department remind the public that it is illegal to fly drones without authorisation outside of the owner’s house compound. Additionally, users can only fly up to 50 meters before needing special permit to breach that ceiling.

High power drone jammer portable

1.Using imported high-performance chips with high efficiency wideband gps jammer technology, the total transmit power up to 150W.

2.Built-in high-capacity battery, can work continuously for more than 1 hour

3.Can completely jammer with all types of drone

4.Gun-type directional antenna design, jammer gsm is more accurate

5.Ultra-long range jamming , up to 1500 meters

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The disruptions are affecting air

perfectjammer | 04 October, 2017 10:53

The 15 high-tech signal jammer belong to the 55th Electronic Combat Group

It was budget pressures — and top brass’s desire to prioritize the F-22 and F-35 — that led the Air Force to retire its last electronic warfare aircraft, the EF-111, and later to abort an effort to convert B-52 bombers into cellphone jammers. Cost considerations even led the Air Force to skimp on buying secure datalinks essential to the “flying network” tactics Deptula advocates. Now, as money gets tighter and sequestration looms, budgeteers need to save their top priority programs and do it without slashing the small-but-essential items that make the big stuff work.

Compass Calls are heavily-modified C-130s that carry advanced jammers and counter-radar equipment to shut down just about any wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Berg commended the Navy, Marine Corps gps blocker

And the Army for boosting their electronic warfare divisions. But he added that the Compass Calls are a lot more powerful than relatively newer jammers like the EA-18G Growler.The report indicated that the remaining EC-130s will receive upgrades through 2025. A report due in 2017 will explain what the follow-on jammer should be.

He added that the aircraft's ability has grown beyond the original mission of high power jammers datalinks and integrated air-defense systems, to include disrupting radio-controlled improvised explosive devices, voice communications, and long-range radars.

In its latest provocation, North Korea is drone radio frequency jamming signals from the Global Positioning System. The disruptions are affecting air and naval traffic near the demilitarized zone that separates North and South Korea, and are yet another provocation from the unpredictable regime of Kim Jong-un.

Hidden Type Jammers

This is the fourth round of GPS jamming by North Korea since 2010. Previous attacks have affected approximately 1,000 civil aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles of the South Korean military. An attack in 2012 reportedly affected GPS-based car navigation systems in the capital city of Seoul.



GPS jamming data is extremely difficult for academic labs

perfectjammer | 25 September, 2017 04:32

Role GPS Jammers

“GPS signal jammer are super faint,” he said. “Imagine a 30-watt lightbulb 12,000 miles in space. So, it doesn't take much interference for your smartphone's GPS to lose lock on such a low power signal. Interference could occur from walking in a dense forest, through a canyon, inside a building, driving among skyscrapers, or from GPS jammers. The end effects of GPS jammers aren't much different than the other causes of interference, they all make it harder for your GPS receiver to pick out faint GPS signals from the air, except jammers do it by adding noise to the environment.”

AFSOC received next-generation Digital GPS Anti-Jam Receiver (DIGAR) airborne anti-jam and anti-spoofing technology, according to a news release by manufacturer Rockwell Collins. The new equipment has more than 10,000 times the jamming resistance of the previous model.

“DT NAVFEST was established to provide a locally, more realistic GPS cellphone jammers environment in which aircraft platforms and (remotely piloted aircraft) could evaluate their performance under a degraded GPS signal,” Cook said. “Other locations around the U.S. provide such environments, but having it locally allowed for direct program input and cost savings to customers by not having to deal with the logistics costs of deploying to those locations.”

“Live GPS jamming data is extremely difficult for academic labs to obtain due to the complexity of working with the Federal Aviation Administration and regional first responders,” Lee said. “It is crucial that the Department of Defense support basic research and development that is ongoing in our nation's top academic institutions. Many of the low technology readiness-level projects will eventually migrate from academic labs to defense industry and military applications. Allowing the labs to participate on a non-interference basis is a win-win situation.”

To minimize the effect on the local community and air traffic gsm signal jammer

Planning of the GPS jamming was initiated months in advance. According to Johnson, the GPS jammers had a vertical reach in upwards of 30,000 feet, so the first step was contacting the FAA, which provided a list of "green" times when commercial air traffic was at its lowest. This led to the testing being performed between 1 and 6 a.m.

Northrop Grumman wird seine Software-programmierbaren drone jammer, bekannt als JCREW, in Full-Rate-Produktion externen Link, nach Erhalt einer $ 57,7 Millionen US Navy Vertrag. Wenn alle Optionen ausgeübt werden, könnte der Gesamtauftragswert auf $ 505 Millionen steigen, wobei die Vertragsabschluss für den August 2022 geplant ist. JCREW-Systeme sind softwareprogrammierbare Störsender für den Einsatz gegen gerätegesteuerte IEDs. Northrop Grumman hat abgebaute, montierte und feststehende Varianten des Systems entwickelt.


Sierra Nevada Corp. in Sparks, NV gewann einen $ 36,5 Millionen festen Festpreis, Kosten-plus-Festgeld, Kosten-nur Vertrag für die Produktion von Joint Counter Radio-kontrollierten Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare (JCREW) 3.1 abgebaut Systeme zu erfüllen die Anforderungen der US-Truppen im Irak und in Afghanistan. Demontierte JCREW-Systeme sind elektronische Störsender, die die Inbetriebnahme von funkgesteuerten improvisierten Sprengkörpern (RCIED) verhindern sollen.


One advantage of letting cell towers play military purposes

perfectjammer | 22 September, 2017 05:20

Installing signal jammer on cell towers near populated areas also has negative effects

If Russia turns on the jammer, it will interfere with its own frequency and thus harm its own. So unless there is an international crisis, these jammers will probably not work.

However, there are many technologies that are successful. One advantage of letting cell towers play military purposes is that the infrastructure is now available, including some 250,000 base stations in Russia. The kremlin simply adds a new facility to its base stations.Come to perfectjammer buy the cellphone jammers cheap.

“Adversaries use gps blocker to disrupt allied operations as well as to protect themselves from attack by aircraft-launched precision weapons,” said Joseph Cogliano, spokesman for the Air Force’s Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Program Management Office at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. “These jammers deny access to the GPS signal for our ground forces in the region, making it difficult to navigate.”

Adversaries use gsm signal jammer to disrupt allied operations as well as to protect themselves

The fear, according to these arguments, is that a person or government has used a hacking technique known as “GPS spoofing” to encourage maritime collisions. Unlike GPS jamming, which merely blocks access to the satellites a receiver uses to locate itself, GPS spoofing can covertly alter a GPS receiver to report that it is somewhere other than its actual location.

That Russia, specifically, would be interested in testing such technology is, also not an unreasonable assertion. Russia has, at the very least, invested heavily in electronic warfare technology that “jams” GPS signals in such a way as to render them useless. A 2016 intelligence summary by the U.S. Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office noted that Russia had integrated a massive network of high power jammers into their civilian cell phone network, which could be switched on to impede smart missiles or other threats that rely on GPS navigation.

5 Bands Jammer

An example of a multi-layered system is the Anti-UAV Defense System (AUDS) from Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems that uses radar; electro-optics, cameras, target tracking software, and RF jamming technology.

While a solution from IXI Technology called Drone Killer (pictured) uses RF disruption technology in the form of a gun, enabling users to essentially shoot down a UAV by jamming its signals.


Airborne electronic attack and jamming capabilities

perfectjammer | 25 August, 2017 06:59

Electronic warfare (EW) jammer

“This order reaffirms Mercury’s commitment to the advancement of DRFM hardware and software subsystems in support of the warfighter,” said Brian Perry, President, Mercury Defense Systems. “Our advanced cellphone jammers provide U.S. aircrews with exposure and training to ensure that the first time they encounter advanced electronic attack capabilities it is not in an actual combat environment. These jammer capabilities are critical for continued U.S. air superiority, particularly in light of new and evolving electronic warfare threats.”

Exelis Defence Limited in Basingstoke, England, is introducing a system to allow continued communications in a heavily jammed electronic warfare (EW) battlefield environment.

Battlefield gps blocker is becoming common, which can make communications difficult. One iProTxS system can work with as many radios within an ECM system area of operation. The system integrates with narrowband FM and AM VHF and UHF combat radio networks, as well as digital 4-FSK frequency hopping, TETRA and professional mobile radio frequencies.

Eventually the NGJ program may expand to include an add-on electronic warfare (EW) jammer for the F-35 Raptor joint strike fighter that would not require a specially made EW aircraft like the EA-18 Growler.

Generation gsm signal jammer

Raytheon’s NGJ will provide airborne electronic attack and jamming capabilities, and will include cyber-attack capabilities that use the aircraft's active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar to insert tailored data streams into enemy systems.

The goal of the NGJ technology-development phase is to develop an electronic attack system that will improve airborne electronic attack capabilities against advanced threats through enhanced agility and precision within wifi jammers device  assignments, increased interoperability, and expanded broadband capability for greater threat coverage against a wide variety of radio frequency emitters, Navy officials say.

Hidden Type Jammers

The jamming problem has been getting worse in recent years. Russian and Chinese forces have deployed increasingly powerful electronic warfare gear in the air, on the ground, and at sea—all aimed at denying the radio frequency, or RF, to the US military.

The Americans are uniquely vulnerable to RF jamming, as many US war-fighting concepts rely on the ability of ground forces, aircraft and warships to exchange information via radio networks.



perfectjammer | 25 August, 2017 06:47

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